TOUCHY a human camera


Hello! My name is TOUCHY!
I'm a human camera who makes the whole world smile!
If you see me, touch me!


Hello! I'm TOUCHY

What is TOUCHY?

TOUCHY is a human camera!
TOUCHY's eyes only open when you get in touch.
Touch and look at TOUCHY at the same time for a Touch-Snap!
See? TOUCHY brings smiles and excitement to the world.


A Second Look at Human Connection

The Internet cleared geographical boundaries between people. At the same time, it formed physical boundaries. “Human connection” is now often just at our fingertips. Just push the Facebook “like” button or post a birthday greeting on someone’s “wall” to feel "connected" with someone. How about getting in touch face-to-face?

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TOUCHY is a wearable device that transforms a human being into a walking camera. This hybrid of the human body with an everyday technology explores the possibilities of contemporary human connection.

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No touch, I see nothing.

The shutter covering TOUCHY's eyes stay closed when TOUCHY is not touched by anyone.

Touch me, I see you!

Hold the Touchy Light and gently tap me on the skin to open the shutters.

Hold on for Touch-Snaps.

Touch me for 10 seconds and smile at my eyes until your Touch-Snap is taken.

Check your Touch-Snap!

Your photo appears on the LCD screen on the back of TOUCHY.


Interactions Through Touch and Eye-Contact

TOUCHY takes our minds offline and to the fun of connecting with one another through touch, eye contact, and interaction.

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Ice-Breaking, Relationship-Building

TOUCHY makes experiences of ice-breaking, making new friends, and sharing moments of the here and now more memorable.

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Togetherness, Shared Memories, Happiness

TOUCHY reminds people of the surprises and fun in interactions outside of the virtual world. TOUCHY exists to touch the hearts of people who come in contact with TOUCHY, bringing smiles and happiness to their lives.

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Touch, Look and Connect.

Go offline and get in touch with the real world.
Touch loved ones, friends, and even people you don't know yet.
Remember that warm fuzzy feeling?
You are now in touch with a world you wouldn't experience if you were just by yourself!

Hear Your Voices

Among the Internet society, there is a delusion about the easiness of discovering the world. However, the real discovery of the world cannot happen on our own. Eric’s devise indicates this subtle notion.

Maywa Denki

Artist & Entrepreneur

First time I met Touchy we were in a conference on a Saturday after lunch. We were sleepy, serious faces, tired… And then Touchy appeared! We interacted with him and the mood in the room totally changed. It was all laughs and smiles! It made my day!

Hector Garcia

author of bestseller ‘Geek in Japan’

Opening and closing of the shutters of the camera (…) is transformed by Siu into a psycho-social metaphor of the connections that regulate contemporary societies.

Vito Campanelli

Neural Magazine

Perhaps the folks at MOFA or the Japan Tourism Agency should enlist Touchy’s help in promoting the country to tourists.

Rick Martin


The ten second touch is a great idea. It’s much longer than a casual handshake or hug: an awkward social tension builds up, making the interaction meaningful and memorable.

Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang

entrepreneur & hacker

Touchy can make people happy here and now. That’s its real charm.

Adam Lindemann

Managing Partner at Mind Fund



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